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Goodyear GP-4D 20.5R25 L4 tyres

90-95% thread remaining



These are mounted on Volvo 10 stud wheel rims at the moment but tyres are available on their own or we have a choice of wheel rims.

Model: GP-4D

L4/E4 tyres


  • Centerline riding lugs
  • Available in wide base and selected 65-Series profile sizes
  • Ultra wide tread arc width
  • 150-Level tread depth–50% deeper than standard L-3
  • Open shoulder grooves
  • Non-directional tread design
  • Enhanced radial construction
  • Unique high synthetic compound
  • High tensile steel belt package


  • Good lateral traction, long wear and smooth ride
  • High flotation, improved stability and reduced ground pressure
  • Added sidewall protection, greater flotation and traction and longer treadlife
  • Extra tread for long wear
  • Excellent traction and self-cleaning tread design
  • High fore, aft and lateral traction
  • Good stability, improved mobility, softer ride, improved treadwear and greater fuel economy
  • Long wearing tread and ultra abrasion cut resistance
  • Impact resistant


Rim Width & Flange17.00-2.0
Min. Dual Spacing (mm)
Overall Width (mm)536
Overall Diameter (mm)1495
Load Sect. & Growth (mm)665
Static Load Radius (mm)651
Revolutions per KM222
Gross Contact Area (cm2)2184
Tire Volume (ltrs)473
Tread Depth (mm)52