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Volvo L110H Longboom




6,490 hours
Volvo coupler.
3rd hydraulic service.
Fire suppression system.
Cushion solid tyres.
Groeneveld/Volvo autolube.
(also feeds coupler)
Reversible cooling fan.
Electric mirrors.
Full windscreen guard.
Aircon/climate control.
Air seat with armrest.
Turbo II air pre-cleaner.
New type welded weight.
(Rather than easily broken cast)
Volvo/Hella genuine LED spotlights above headlights, in rear grill and twin front and rear of cab (12 total).
LED tail lights with guards.
Sliding window in door.
Rear colour camera.
Full metal HD front fenders.
Orange safety handrail package, on rear fenders, bottom steps and handles at steps.
Axle protective cover plates for brake pipes.
Reverse alarm.
Outer metal protective spiral on hyd hoses.
Fitted with Michelin 23.5R25 L5 tyres.
New L5, used L3, used and new cushion solid tyres available too.
Available without Regen/DPF/Adblue.
Assorted available.
UK import, very clean and original.